When Belinda and Jonathan were toddlers, Oz and I took them to an Easter egg hunt.  The kids were dolled up in their Sunday best and each had a nice new Easter basket.  When the signal was sounded they took off and each got some colorful eggs.  Belinda had retrieved the most and we were quite impressed.  Suddenly she noticed a tiny girl in a frilly dress and bonnet with an empty basket and forlorn expression.  Belinda immediately went over to her and put several of her eggs in the little girl's basket prompting smiles all around.  We were blown away by this spontaneous, heartfelt gesture of generosity, but it would characterize Belinda's life throughout its course.  When she would go to the Seven-Eleven in Koreatown, a block from her LA apartment, she would often buy sandwiches for the homeless guys who hung out there and sometimes gave them money, even though she was often nearly broke herself.

The purpose of the foundation is to support causes that were important to Belinda and charities she supported in one way or another.   She had a passion for helping people with disabilities, as she herself suffered from severe chronic asthma and crushing migraines, and she had helped care for a hemiplegic grandmother and other family members with disabilities.  She loved babysitting as a teenager and adored children.  At one time she talked about forming a charity to help elderly people and children in hospitals.  She had a passion for the arts and the environment.

In going through Belinda's things after she passed away, I came across a plastic file containing folders bearing labels with the names of numerous charities.  I wept to think of how much Belinda cared about others.   It was then I decided to put my grief into action and set up The Belinda Bach Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit public 501 (c) (3) charity to make contributions to charitable causes that Belinda supported.  In this way, we hope to keep her memory alive.  Through the Foundation, contributions are made in her memory to charities she cared about! 

To remember Belinda through a tax-deductible donation, please contact the Foundation.  Your gift is heartily appreciated!